Privacy Policy

Medical Consent

In the unlikely event of an emergency and being unable to contact you or your nominated emergency contact, please sign below to provide your permission for a representative of CJFC to give any written form of consent required by a hospital, medical or dental authority if delay in obtaining your signature is inadvisable by the doctor, dentist or surgeon. (In such an eventuality every effort would be made to contact you or your emergency contact).

Travel Consent

In the event of my being unable to take/collect my child to/from football, I hereby consent to my child being taken/collected by another parent or adult known to my child.

Image Consent

I understand that representatives of CJFC may take images of my child for league registration, promotional or training purposes. These images may appear in printed publications, website, video or other promotional material associated with the club. We will never include full names or personal details with any related image without good reason and without requesting further parental consent.

Kit Agreement

Players representing CJFC in mini and youth soccer will be given the use of a full kit subject to the payment of annual membership fees. At the end of the second season the kit should be returned to the club for recycling. The kit should be washed and kept in a condition suitable for representing CJFC. Should the kit become lost or damaged, players will be responsible for replacing the kit through Tower Sports.

Code of Conduct Players (available on request)

My Son/Daughter is aware of and agrees to abide by the Code of Conduct for Players.

Code of Conduct Parents and Spectators (available on request)

I have read and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct for Parents and Spectators